OSO Design House is a Canadian based design studio nestled in the heart of beautiful Vancouver,
British Columbia.

Since 2005, OSO owner and designer Michael Zhu has created 2 unique figurines. The first, a cute round bear
named Bax Bear.  The other, a maple leaf named Thee.   To make these characters more life-like and active he
gave them accessories like skis, snowboards and hockey sticks.

Bax Bear and Thee quickly became a 3-dimensional canvas for many well-known artists from around the world. Winson Ma of Brothersfree, Tim Tsui, TOUMART, Camilla d’Errico, Alice Chen, Kei Sawada, Jason Pultz, Wade
Baker and Jason Prain joined our designer team and together we created an excellent Bax Bear Series 1.

These limited edition figures are the perfect combination of toy and fine art.  Collect them all and enjoy!

To let everyone in on the fun, Michael Zhu has created a 8" Do-It-Yourself version of Bax.  You can paint your own
design for your personal collection or to give as a gift.  Don't forget to send us photos of your creation, your
design might be chosen to be in the next Bax series!

Never forget your childhood dreams, make them come true!



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